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Windows 8 OEM 啟用

My notebook model is Lenovo G580 20150 , Windows 8 64bit (UEFI Mode) installed in my computer already . But i uninstall it and reinstall windows 7 64bit (BIOS Mode) .

Can i reinstall Windows 8 64bit by myself ?

Just install windows 8 just normal ?

(No Product key and windows 8 CD )


wing :

I formatted whole HDD include Recovery partition to install Windows 7 . What should i do now ? Send my computer to Lenovo ? Can i download Windows 8 and install it at UEFI mode to automatic active as i think windows 8 used a new way to detect is the Windows 8 counterfeit copy or not ?

更新 2:

wing :

I backup all Driver before unistall Windows 8 , if i install Windows 8 normally , will winodws 8 automatic activate ?

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    There is no product key or installation CD because Lenovo has pre-installed a hidden partition on your hard drive for instant recovery. All you have to do is the follow the instructions in the links below to reinstall it. However, the hidden partition is factory pre-installed for Win 8, 64 bit so there is no way to change unless you purchase a different version on a CD for it.

    Lenovo G 580 user guide & manual

    Go for user guide v 3.0. There are 64 pages. Chapter 4 shows the Lenovo One key recovery system.

    Read here for recovery

    The top note explains about that hidden partition for recovery. Just read the whole page before you do anything.

    But did you format the C: drive when you installed Win 7? If you have, there is probably nothing to fall back on. However, you'll find out when you go through those two steps at the bottom. Don't worry about the backup and restore paragraphs in middle now but do them on a regular basis when you get back to normal.

    If Recovery shows no pre-installed partition in your drive, you've lost it. The only way is either returning your unit to Lenovo for recovery reinstallation or purchasing another Windows' system of your choice and install it yourself. But check with Lenovo if your G580 hardware is compatible with your selected version.

    My idea is to stick with the factory pre-installed Windows 8, 64 bit. Hardware + drivers are very complicated and touchy these days. They must be fully compatible with your Windows' system for best results. Keep this in mind.

    Good luck.

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    Would like to get your response on this issue as it is worthy to find out what's happened.

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    Lenovo has actually tuned your hardware resources (CPU, RAM, M/board, display card & all drivers) to work best with Win8 @ 64 bit. If you use a different O/S, you might not get the optimum results from them.

    資料來源: Just another Win 8 user, Point to ponder, Important point to remember part one
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    →筆電win8改win7~MAC改win7 or 雙系統


    →他們會很快解決你的問題 也可以免費諮詢喔!









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    (No Product key and windows 8 CD )-----即係唔可以.