Project Management

What are the characteristics of project management?

If possible, please to point out.

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  • Mick
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    7 年前

    Project management includes defining the requirements, assessment of risks, project control, and so forth.

    Project requirements are important as they define

    - the objectives of the project, i.e. what do we want to see at the end?

    - the scope of work

    - who does what. Who is the project manager? Who is the manufacturer or supplier? Who is the engineer? Who is the implementor? Who is the project controller or accountant? Who is the customer or end user?

    - how much money is available

    - how much time is available

    Assessment of the project risks is important because it gives us an idea what risks are involved. If it is too risky and might cause damages to or have undesirable impact on third parties, then it is probably not worth to carry out the project. If additional measures are required to avoid the risk, the project manager has to ensure that these are incorporated in the scope of work and to allow for additional funding and time.

    Project control is important because

    - it monitors spending of the project against budget

    - it keeps track of all project changes and provides justification to the project manager or senior management

    - it monitors the progress of the project and ensures all milestones are met according to the programme

    - it monitors the quality of work