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'landslides in Hong Kong are a threat caused by humans.' To what extent is this statement ture?



-both physical and human factors

-define what are landslides

-to what extent: To a large extent/ To a small extent

physical conditions that favour landslides:




climate---->chemical weathering

human factors:

population growth and economic development---->construction of ........

cut slope

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    A landslide is a movement of mass rock, debris, or earth down a slope. The

    failure of the slope happens when gravity exceeds the strength of the earth

    materials.Actually in this situation, physical factors contribute more than human factors.So,to a large extent, this statement is true.

    For the physical factors,first,the climate in Hong Kong is usually wet and hot,

    causing large amount of rainfall. Water act as a lubricant. And it increases the weight of soil and gravity ,soil erosion is usually seen after the rainfall. The debris can roll down the slope more easier. Also, as the rain is acidic, weathering of granite rocks

    happens very often after several erosion.

    For human factors,due to the large population growth and economic development, the demand of lands and houses increases a lot, land shortage therefore occurs. Hong Kong government chooses to cut off the slope to build more facilities. A great deal of vegetation covers is removed, when the precipitation happens, the debris roll down more easier. As plants aim at grabbing soil. The population of Hong Kong keeps growing and the urban planning isn't quite good. The

    government can't find a great mean to deal with the land shortage and they only choose to harm the nature around us.

    In conclusion,although physical factors affect landslides, human factors are the main cause of this phenomenon.Human factors worsen the threat of landslides to a large extent, this statement is true.


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