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Unhappy Working Mood

I am working over in a big company over 20 years and 48 years old but the body weakness is getting worse. Today I lost the temper because of many office work to be handled, then my boss asked me why look so depressed and suggested me to transfer the job to the other colleagues and I rejected him because I guessed my company has the intention to push me to early resign because my salary is quite higher than other colleagues.

I felt very depressed because of the relationship with colleagues is not so good because most of them is young and with degree qualification, especially the new coming clerk who is impolite to me.

I felt frustrated and very painful in working days and has the intention to kill myself.

May I seek some solution to release my painful?

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  • 7 年前

    Firstly, improve your English

    Secondly, try to befriend the older colleagues. If young colleagues do not accept you, let older colleagues accept you.

    Thirdly, since you said your salary is quite high, you can actually get a massage or spend some time with your family on the weekends. Don't touch office work on weekends because you can get a real relaxation, and prepare for the next week.

    Dont commit suicide!

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