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如客戶希望授權第三者進行股票買賣, 必須按照本公司授權政策聯同獲授權人親身到本公司,在本公司職員的見証下簽立指定的授權書,並得本公司管理層批准後方可生效。本公司有權拒絕接受或隨時終止有關授權。

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    如客戶希望授權第三者進行股票買賣, 必須按照本公司授權政策聯同獲授權人親身到本公司,在本公司職員的見証下簽立指定的授權書,並得本公司管理層批准後方可生效。本公司有權拒絕接受或隨時終止有關授權。

    As far as the exchange of stock being concerned,if our customer applies for power of attroney(third party) to act on his behalf;it is requested by our company's law of power of attroney, that the third party must be present and signed that official document together with our staff acting as co-signatory and witness well; and that document should get the approval of our superior prior to execution. And our company will reserve the right of denial of that application or cancelling that power of attroney.

    資料來源: Partly according to ”The advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English with Chinese Translation” published by Hongkong Oxford University Press in 1975
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    If the client wished to authorize a third party to engage in stock transactions, must be in accordance with this authorization policy, together with an authorized person to our company, our staff witnessed the execution of the specified authorization and approval of the management of the company shall be effective. We reserve the right to refuse to accept or terminate the authorization. 查自己本字典的.

    資料來源: ”商務學生英漢詞典”