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Bell 在聖誕節的意義?其作用?(Shape Poem)

Bell 在聖誕節的意義?


急做功課 (shape poem) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

最好被埋 BELL 嘅 Shape Poem

About 以上的

(Bell 在聖誕節的意義?



Can you give me the shape poem 釋義 in Chinese?



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    A bell is a device makes a ringing sound at Xmas to give a signal to attract people's attention for contribute money to Church.

    A bell is a hollow metal object shaped like a cup which has a piece hanging inside hits the sides makes a Xmas sound.The Church bells were ringing at Xmas.

    Something rings a bell means It reminds SantaClause giving gifts away to children.

    The shape poem of a bell is a bell-shaped:-


    --------------------a ringing Noel

    -------------------makes singing sound fell

    ------------------to signal attracts Annabel

    -----------------Nobel Keyhole house personnel

    -----------------Santa Clause ringing cell doorbell

    ----------------Hollow metal object shaped handbell

    ---------------A piece hanging inside hits shell&tell

    --------------Were ringing with the Church bell very well

    -------------It's Santa Clause rings a handbell&bluebell

    ------------Reminds of something else as toys parallel

    -----------Show&tell children the toys well out all Excel