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發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前


英文功課就要用下面nouns和adj 用英文解釋生字意思同造句..求大大幫幫忙



2.conference trip holiday



7.safari tour fair



13.weekend break





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    6 年前


    1.concrete –meaning a/it is a material to build floor. E.g. This floor is made of concrete.Meaning b/ this is based oncrystal clear facts, not just based on reckoning. E.g. We have concrete information pertainingto the traffic accident happened in Causeway last night.

    2.conference– a meeting which explains details about a certain event.e.g. We will have aconference this afternoon to discuss about the employees’ trip – a trip to visit a certain place for the entire day.e.g. We will have a day tripto the Sky 100 Observation Deck on this coming Saturday. holiday– meaning: a holiday which includes flying an airplane as well as on the land. e.g. We will have afly-drive holiday to the Canadian Rockies for this coming Christmas.

    5.motivation– meaning: a driving force for you to do something.Money is the majormotivation for me to work on the weekends.6.pilgrimage– meaning: Taking a trip to a place for religious reasons.e.g. We plan on a pilgrimagetrip to Israel in the next month.

    7.safari – a trip to go to the countryside for watching wild animals.e.g. I went to a safari tripin Monterey last tour- a tour consists of thepurpose of studying.e.g. I joined a study tourlast summer in Missouri to brush up my English. fair– An exhibition of different trading products.e.g. Microsoft organizes a trade fair in LasVegas in November every year.

    10.trek – a trip which involves tremendous walking.e.g. I was trekking in theYosemite National Park for a few days the past summer.

    11.trend –meaning: a situation is developing in a certain way.e.g. There is a trend thatpeople gradually switch from reading traditional books to e-books. – a ceremony that a couple gets married.e.g. My friend just held awedding party in Royal Garden Hotel last week.

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  • 6 年前

    No offence:

    回答者 002 解錯 fly-drive holiday, 不是駕駛飛機

    fly-drive holiday = a holiday arranged at a fixed price that includes your flight to a place, a car to drive while you are there, and a place to stay.

    The travel agency manager recommended some fly-drive holidays to us.

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    weekend break = a short holiday at the weekend

    They are offering weekend break in San Francisco for $1000

    authentic (adj.) = real, genuine, not false or copied

    The fraud investigator concludes that the letter is certainly authentic.

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    high-rise (adj.) = very tall and having lots of floor

    She works in a high-rise office in Hong Kong.

    long-haul (adj.) = travelling a long distance, especially by air

    I took a long-haul flight from Hong Kong to New York City.

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    concrete = substance used for building that is made by mixing sand, small stones, cement , and water

    conference = a large meeting, often lasting a few days, where people who are interested in a particular subject come together to discuss ideas

    2013-11-17 11:13:19 補充:

    motivation = a feeling of enthusiasm or interest that makes you determined to do something

    day trip = a journey that you make for pleasure in which you go to a place and come back on the same day

    safari = a journey, especially to Africa, in order to watch, take pictures of, or hunt wild animals

    2013-11-17 11:16:36 補充:

    study tour = a visit to a country/an area in which you go to different places and have lectures and classes

    trade fair = a large event when several companies show their goods or services in one place, to try to sell them

    trend = a gradual change or development that produces a particular result

    2013-11-17 11:34:52 補充:

    trek = a long and difficult journey on foot

    wedding = a marriage ceremony

    pilgrimage = a journey to a holy place for religious reasons

    Reference: ~ Macmillan English Dictionary

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  • 6 年前

    Making sentences with nouns and adjectives in details:-


    (1)concrete--The building material is called a reinforced concrete.

    (2)conference--My teacher attended a conference on students' matters last week.

    (3)day trip---It went on raining on our day trip to the Football Stadium.

    (4)fly-drive holiday---Are you going by plane on your fly-drive holiday ?

    (5)motivation--The stronger the motivation, the more quickly a student will learn a foreign language.

    (6)piligrimage--I am planning to go on a piligrimage to Mecca.

    (7)safari--They went on safari searching for the rare rhinoceros.

    (8)study tour--We spent the Summer Holidays in a study tour.

    (9)trade fair--They are doing a roaring trade in the trade fair in souvenirs.

    (10)trek--We went on a trek in the Pak-Sin mountains for our holiday.

    (11)trend--The rise in violent crime is a new trend in TV programmes.

    (12)wedding---Have you been invited to their wedding ?

    (13)weekend break---Sat. and Sun. are considered as a weekend break.


    (1)authentic--Is that an authentic and genuine Peter statue ?

    (2)high-rise---We live on the twentieth floor of a high-rise building.

    (3)long-haul----Heavy fog has delayed the departure of a long-haul flight.

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