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Hong Kong Jockey Club

Did the Hong Kong Jockey Club fulfuill the customer's requests? Please provide an exmaple.


help me! please

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    ---Did the HongKong Jockey Club fulfill the customer's request? Please provide an example:-

    ------HKJC have announced in Nov. that they would extend the colloboration with Manchester United Football Club and HK Association to support the development of local players through pioneering programmes ;So if you're students you might fulfil the request.

    -----If in Football matches and fixtures, the Current odds and results are odd and very poor in payment. Also true in Mark Six where this lottery is probably the most popular form of gambling;yet only a few people win.It can't meet customers' request.

    -----If in the case of Horse Racing the entries of race cards have had a low current odds with unpredictable results.It can't fulfill the customer's requests.If you have gambling debts, it may ganble your life away.Hence the Jockey Club can't fulfill your hope,wish, or aim.