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I just took a post of manager in the bank, but my colleagues have been worked here for several years seems hostile to me. Some of them were unwilling to follow my instruction or work together with me as they feel they have more experiences than me. How should I overcome this difficulty and take control of them?

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    How should I overcome this difficulty and take control of them?

    Delete the word but insert sincerity and faith, those who respect

    others will be respected, pay more attention to listen + to care +

    to share for one another's comfort + happiness + sorrow incl to

    treat others with honesty, you would govern others should first be

    the master of yourself, human of virtue is free from anxiety.

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    should read : delete the word

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    should read : delete the word control

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    Usually manager think they have the authority to "give order/instruction" and "get work done" because of his/her position.

    But in order to make your "subordinate" to become your "workforce", you have to:

    1. respect and let them know you understand they've more experience than you that their ability is valued by you.

    2. let them know you're not the boss (or their boss) but you're only the "streeling wheel" and they're also part of this car that is getting to a destination (you've to show them where/what destination you or your superior/company is going). This is the true role of the manager.

    3. you're to protect their interest and welfare with respect to company policy and benefits. Many manager think they hold the power to employment/dismissal so his/her subordinate should fear dismissal if they dont' work according to your instruction, but you should turn the thinking around that you're trying to keep them employed for the best benefit only with they hard work.

    4. you seems to want them to work "with" you, but you didn't make them "part of you". Try to communicate in a way using "we" instead of "I". You'll be forced to change the verb also. e.g. Your original instruction may be

    "I want you to do this/complete this by tomorrow!"

    will have to change to

    "We must complete this by tomorrow, how do you think we can do it?"

    5. give your suboridnate some praise/verbal reward/tea-snack reward from time to time if they do something better than expected or give your some ideas that sound good (practical applicable may not be necessary) or really good to be able to improve your team's working efficiency.

    6. maintain humble and deligent work ethics daily so they know you're not just bossing around but able to exercise the function of your "post"/"position". [This about what a middle "manager" should be, not what he/she need to do.]