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求知識長幫手 Choose the meanings

A proposal should spell out clearly the expected outcome of actions recommended in the document. The following adjectives are commonly used to describe the pros and cons of proposed ideas. Choose the word most similar in

meaning to each of the adjectives given below.

1. Feasible (adj.)

Select one:

a. Disruptive (adj.)

b. Lucrative (adj.)

c. Workable (adj.)

2. Lucrative ( adj.)

Select one:

a. Effective (adj.)

b. Reasonable (adj.)

c. Profitable (adj.)

3. Beneficial (adj.)

Select one:

a. Assertive (adj.)

b. Sufficient (adj.)

c. Advantageous (adj.)

4. Costly (adj.)

Select one:

a. Pricey (adj.)

b. Reasonable (adj.)

c. Certain (adj.)

5. Efficient (adj.)

Select one:

a. Feasible (adj.)

b. Expensive (adj.)

c. Productive (adj.)

6. Reasonable (adj.)

Select one:

a. Sensible

b. Profitable

c. Inadequate

7.Persuasive (adj.)

Select one:

a. Workable

b. Influential

c. Impulsive

7條入面,a b c揀其中一個answer


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    Choose the meanings;proposal=suggestion of terms;

    1.c .Workable (adj.)

    2.c. Profitable

    3.c .Adventageous

    4.a .Pricey (pricier, priciest, expensive. adj.)

    5.c. Productive

    6.a. Sensible

    7.b. Influential

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    EICA, this also shows that Godfrey is a real gentleman.

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    Good copying TOMING88.

  • 7 年前

    1. Feasible c. Workable

    2. Lucrative c. Profitable

    3. Beneficial c. Advantageous

    4. Costly a. Pricey

    5. Efficient c. Productive

    6. Reasonable a. Sensible

    7.Persuasive b. Influential