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Part A. Read it and fill in the blanks with the most suitable adjectives.

8 Adjectives: creative quality burning affordable

satisfying knowledgeable confident distinctive

The goal of our merchandising team has always been to provide a wide selection of promotional products to meet your needs by staying on top of industry trends and forming close relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. With our finger on the pulse of the promotional products industry, you always have access to the hottest, newest, and most 1.____ promotional items!

In fact, we are so 2.______ of our low prices that we will happily match any competitor’s advertised prices you can find. Whether it is through our industry-exclusive sales, our “buy one get one free” deals, or free setup charges, we always aim to be your most 3.______ option. So, whenever you need impressive promotional giveaways with a limited budget, speak with one of our Promotions Specialists today! Oh, by the way, the one thing you can't afford, is to miss out on this opportunity!

Additionally, at iPromo Expert, our top core value is to fulfill our commitment to deliver you a perfect promo-experience with every order you place. This means we always pay attention to all the details that make your purchase more 4._____ : the biggest and best selection of promotional products & customizable gadgets, competitive prices, and 5._____ customer service, just to name a few.

When you work with us, you will get more than you’d expect else where!

Our 6._____ and experienced Promotions Specialists will give you personalized attention and assistance. They understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to promo-products. In a one-to-one consultation, they are ready to provide you with professional advice, suggestions for promotional products that meet your needs, samples, quotes, and answers to your 7._____ questions! See and hear for yourself – call or e-mail us today!


係8個adjectives 揀7個出黎落填充果到

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    Most suitable adjectives 7/8 in Part A:-

    1. (hottest,newest, most) distinctive

    2.(so) confident

    3.(most) affordable (option)

    4.(more) satisfying

    5.quality (customer)

    6.knowledgeable (and experienced)

    7.burning (questions!)

    Filling in the blanks with the adjective" creative", cannot be fulfilled.

  • 7 年前

    1 distinctive

    2 confident

    3 affordable

    4 satisfying

    5 quality

    6 knowledgeable

    7 burning

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    TOMING88 勇氣可嘉.

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    Godfrey's answer is correct.

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    Good on you TOMING88 . Copying is good.