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匿名 發問於 體育游泳及潛水 · 7 年前





香港每年均會發生多宗溺水意外,有些人因此而斷送了寶貴的生命。為了拯救溺者,救生員應要精通各種撞救技術和急救常識,以便在意外發生時,能快速而有效地進行拯救,因為越早進行急救,溺者的生存機會便越大,而產生後遺症的機會亦越少。當遇溺時,溺者往往因無法呼吸,導致身體細胞因缺氧而死亡。溺水是可以預防的意外,其中危險水域及池塘邊的圍籬是最能減少意外的措施. 缺氧是溺水最關鍵的後遺症。因此需要旁人立即施行心肺復蘇術,啟動緊急救援系統。

溺水是一個過程,因為在水中或是水面造成呼吸衰竭,因為在呼吸道的入口處有水與空氣的介面阻隔, 導致患者無法吸入空氣. 無論患者最後是死亡或是存活,均稱為溺水,患者可能在溺水的過程中的某一時點被救起來,可能不需要協助,或是需要接受適當的急救處置,溺水病患預後最重要的決定因素是缺氧的時間和嚴重度。

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    Hong Kong is located in the subtropical climate , and surrounded by the sea . And has an extensive coastline and close to many coves and islands,

    Therefore, Hong Kong is a popular spot for water sports . Every summer , swimming , canoeing, sailing, diving, surfing and snorkeling and all water activities in Hong Kong has become active . Water sports are popular in some of the many people who play often due to lack of awareness on water safety knowledge , so drowning a common occurrence , not only endanger the life, personal safety , it is a burden on society . Therefore, water rescue knowledge, it should be essential to everyone . Safe swimming school safety education gradually become a hot topic . Cool coast , rivers and streams bring joy to enjoy , but also an hidden security crisis , swim out to sea or near a little more preparation before the event and sober , you can give us a laugh, but also to avoid possible regret and regret .


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    Hong Kong spate of drowning accidents each year , some people were ruined their lives . To save the drowning person , lifeguards should be proficient in a variety of collision rescue techniques and first aid to the accident , can quickly and efficiently carry out the rescue , because sooner aid, dro

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    Drowning is a process, because the water in the water or cause respiratory failure, because the entrance in the respiratory tract of water and air interface barrier , resulting in patients unable to inhale air . Whether patients eventually death or survival , are referred to drowning , the patie

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