question tag

question tag

1. Positive statement, negative tag?

2. Negative statement, positive tag?

3. Positive statement, positive tag?

4. Negative statement, negative tag?

5. Imperative Statement?

i know these, now i want to ask special case....


you won't have traveled to south america, XXXXX?

1) should use would you, or

2) should use haven't you

i want to understand the underlying meaning when we say these words

like what you are going to emphases

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  • Mick
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    You won't have travelled to South America, will you?

    (note the correct spelling of 'travelled')

    The action verb is won't.

    It means it is not possible that you have travelled to South America before.

    We use this when we want to say 'it is not possible for something to have happened'