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    Mental focus and reading environment are closely related, have a plenty of light, air circulation, the temperature is moderate and quiet environment, the course is good, however, there is more important than these conditions.一、確定讀書的地點和時間:人都有習慣性,一定的讀書地點和時間,幫助我們集中精神,養成良好的讀書習慣;不論是在家裡、學校或圖書館裡,你一定可以找到這樣的地方。A, determine the reading place and time: people have the habit of reading, the place and time, help us concentrate, form a good habit of reading; whether at school or at home, in the library, you can find a place like this.二、避免不必要的打擾:在讀書時間裡,要決心不與人交談,謝絕聽電話和要來跟你談天的親友及根絕其他不必要的打擾。Two, to avoid unnecessary trouble: reading time, to resolve not to talk with people, declined to relatives and friends chatting with you and put an end to the other unnecessary interruptions to the phone and to.三、備好書籍用具:為免臨時浪費時間去尋找書籍文具,要把這些必備的東西,安放在一定的地方,保持桌面的整潔,使你不致心煩意亂。Three, prepare books appliances: to avoid temporary waste time looking for the books, stationery, will take the necessary things, placed in a certain place, keep the desk clean, so that you will not be confused in mind.四、儘量除掉眼、耳、口的不良習慣:如吃零食、看電視、聽收音機、桌上的相片、紀念品和其他易使你分心的東西。但,有些人卻喜歡適量而平和的音樂,可避免因太安靜而入睡,但應把音量減至最低限度。Four, try to get rid of the bad habit of eye, ear, mouth: such as snacks to eat, watch TV, listen to the radio, photo on the desk, souvenirs and other easy to distract you. But, some people like the amount and calming music, can avoid too quiet to sleep, but should turn the volume to a minimum.五、養成良好的讀書姿勢:靠著沙發、斜躺在床上或趴著看書,都很容易因太舒服而睡著,或因不舒服而無法持久。因此,正確的姿勢,應是正坐在書桌旁,眼睛與書本保持25.30公分左右的距離。

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    Five, to develop good reading posture: on the sofa, lay in bed or lying to read a book, very easy because of too comfortable and sleep, or because of uncomfortable and not durable. Therefore, the correct posture, is sitting at her desk, maintain a distance of about 25.30 cm of eyes and a book.

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    Concentrate on reading habits, can be trained.