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Fei 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前


就以 approximation 為例

ap 是前綴、ion 是後綴

那這個單詞是由 proximate 演變的?

但字典又寫 prox·i·mate

請問 prox 、 i 、mate 是什麼東東?



2 個解答

  • 7 年前

    “Approximation” is derived from the adjective, “approximate”

    The prefix is ap-

    The suffix is –ion

    Word Origin:

    approximate (adjective)

    Date: 1400 – 1500

    Origin: late Latin

    “approximate“ is derived from late Latin “approximatus”.

    “approximatus” is the past participle of “appromximare”

    But “appromximare” is derived from “ad-” (= to) + “proximare” (= very near)

    You have to look at the English word “proximate”

    “proximate” comes from the Latin word “proximatus”.

    “proximatus” is the past participle of the verb “proxmare”

    The verb “proximare” is from “proximus”.

    “proximus” means “nearest, next”.

    The verb “approximate” ~ original meaning “bring close” arose in the 17th century; the current use as an adjective dates from early 19th century.

    Word Family:

    approximate (adjective)

    approximate (verb ~ intransitive/transitive verb and linking verb)

    approximately (adverb)

    approximation (noun ~ countable and uncountable)

    In summary:

    For the word "approximation",

    The prefix ap-

    ap- variant form of ad- before “p’

    ad- means “to” in Latin

    The suffix: -ion (noun)

    also –tion, –ation, -sion, ition, -xion

    ~ the act, state, result of doing something

    2013-10-13 05:19:46 補充:

    漏了講 字典又寫 Prox-i-mate

    Prox-i-mate 主要是分開三個主音

    其他的例子: pro-nun-ci-a-tion 分開五個主音

    真正發音要看 prɒksəmət (British), prɒksɪmət (American)

    Pronunciation is shown in International Phonetic Alphabet

    資料來源: Random House Dictionary of English Language (unabridged edition); Oxford English Dictionary
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  • 7 年前

    prox·i·mate 是讀音來的。是沒有意思的。

    資料來源: 老師
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