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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前

dream job help~~

give me 5 dream jobs ~~key points ~help~thx~~

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  • 匿名
    7 年前

    1. Bioengineering Researcher- With this job, I can research into the newtechnologies to improve the physical well-being of humans.2. Deputy Correctional Officer.- I will bring the criminals to the court andensure the safety of the citizens, and I can also try to reduce recidivism ofthe criminals through appropriate counseling.3. Forensics Specialist.- I will get myself actively involved in the crimescene investigation, and help the law enforcement agencies to bring thecriminals to justice by identifying the relevant information including DNAmatches, fingerprints, ballistics research, and the like.4. Social Worker.- I can help the people who are in need of counselingto reduce the suicidal rate of youngsters. Nowadays there are so many juveniles who commit crimes, and socialworker certainly plays an important role of helping them to be back on theright track.5. Information Technology Consultant.- I will be able to keep myself up-to-date withthe most advanced IT technology, and plays a role in blocking hackers fromhacking into the confidential database. This will help to protect the computer privacy of the public as well asthe Government.

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  • 7 年前

    skilled surgeon ~ save people's bodies ( Dr. N. Bethune)

    warm and caring priest /nun - help to save people's souls and help the needy (Mother Teresa)

    impartial judge ~ uphold justice (包青天)

    competent teacher

    honest taxi-driver

    Thanks for Masterijk's inspirstion

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  • 7 年前

    doctor - life saver

    lawyer - can make money

    teacher - respectful

    taxi driver - have freedom

    businessman - can make money

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