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1 stip/alfonso wong/created /by/the/comic/ old master/was

2 turn/button/power/on/pressing/the/robot/by/yhe

3.staying/late/concentration/class/in/up/affected playing/games/video/student's

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  • 7 年前

    The sentence-re-construction:-

    (1)Comic strip was created by the old master Alfonso Wong.

    (2) The robot turns on power by pressing the button.

    (3)Staying up late playing video games affected student's concentration in class.

    2013-10-02 11:54:17 補充:

    If no "s" be added in singular noun "robot",then ,(2) "Turn the robot on by pressing the power button."

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  • 7 年前

    (2) Turn the robot on by pressing the power button.

    *note that there is no "s" after "turn".

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  • 7 年前
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