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How to study well in Literature in English(Books and Poetry)?

Also, in detail pls, thx!

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    For novels:

    1. Choose a novel of your interest. Read it twice, use a highlighter to highlight the nice sentence structure, use a pen to underline the vocabulary. The first time is for your enjoyment. The 2nd time you read the novel - focus on the hightlighted areas and your underlining words. Try to memorize the sentence structure, and write down the vocabularies in the notebook with Chinese meanings. That's a good way to build up your vocabulary power.

    Mysteries - I would suggest you read Mr. C.J. Box's works which you can benefit a lot from it. Highly recommended. His novels are murders minced with a good sense of nature.

    Court dramas - Michael Connelly.

    Love stories - Nicholas Sparks.

    2. For literature - I would suggest to read a review from to get the idea of what the masterpieces is about. Then you can navigate yourself into the literature step by step. My personal picks of literature:

    a. Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas.

    b. Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.

    c. The Count of Monte Cristo (I would recommend the unabridged translation by Robin Russ). I think this version is the best by far.

    d. The complete works of Lord Tennyson.

    e. The complete works of Edgar Allan Poe.

    You can underline the vocabularies as well as those sentences are in rhyme. You will certainly enjoy it to the fullest extent if you read it this way.

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    默多D書同使用拼音,it's good for you!