difference of words

can you explain their differences? with examples if you can!!




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  • 8 年前

    Stressful (adj.) = involving or causing a lot of pressure or worry

    e.g. stressful situation/event/job/lifestyle/experience

    Stressed (adj.) = so worried and tired you cannot relaxed

    Stressed syllable/vowel ~ pronounced more loudly or with greater force than other

    Stressed (technical) = having a lot of physical pressure or force on it e.g. stressed beam

    He was feeling stressed about the deadline.

    A stressful situation can make a person feel stressed.

    Satisfactory (adj.) refers to something that is acceptable and good enough for a particular purpose.

    Something that is satisfactory reaches the expected standard but is not better than it.

    The essay was satisfactory but not outstanding.

    The doctor described his state of health as fairly satisfactory.


    解 OK, all right, 不過不失

    satisfactory performance/result/answer/situation/reply/record

    Satisfying (adj.) - giving fulfillment and pleasure.

    A job, an activity or experience that is satisfying makes you feel satisfied, because you enjoy doing it and results are often very good.

    satisfying conclusion/job/experience/movie/meal

    Cooking the traditional Christmas dinner gave her a warm, satisfying feeling.

    There is nothing more satisfying than doing the work you love.

    Satisfied (adj.) means pleased, because something has developed in the way intended, or happy because a desired event has occurred. In another sense, satisfied means sure or convinced of something. If you are satisfied, it is the way you feel something is as good as the way it should be, for example someone’s work or something you buy.

    satisfied customer/ smile/grin/nod

    phrase: satisfied with something

    Are you satisfied with your salary?

    The satisfied customer finds the shopping experience very satisfying.

    Both “satisfying” and “satisfied” are adjectives in their own right.

    "Satisfying" is also a present participle whereas "satisfied" is the past tense/past participle of the verb, satisfy.

    beauteous = beautiful

    Beauteous is a literary word e.g. the beauteous Helen of Troy

    2013-09-28 08:55:06 補充:

    Satisfying (present participle), Satisfied (past tense/past participle)

    He was finally awarded a degree after satisfying all the academic requirements. (present participle)

    She satisfied all the requirements for the job. (past tense)

    Her need had been satisfied. (past perfect - passive voice)

    2013-09-28 08:59:52 補充:

    A satisfying meal is one that makes you feel that you have eaten well and have eaten enough

    Are you satisfied? (spoken) 這句子有另外的意思

    ~ used to say in an annoyed way that you agree to do something that you do not really want to do.

    資料來源: Cobuild English Usage; Longman English Dictionary
  • 8 年前

    Stressed is a feeling (passive form)

    Eg. I am stressed because my annoying teacher gave us tons of ridiculous homework

    Stressful is an adjective

    Eg. It is stressful to make a living in Hong Kong

    Satifying means the results can satisfy you, but may not satisfy others

    Eg. I got 70 marks in Chinese, which is satisfying to me.

    Satisfactory means the results can satisfy you and the others

    Eg.The results are quite satisfactory. Even the strictest teacher, Mr Tong admitted that!

    Satisfied means that you think the results are rather good (passive form)

    Eg. My greedy sister never gets satisfied, even that her mom bought her the newest laptop!

    Beautiful means pretty/ glamorous

    Eg. She looks beautiful in that night gown

    Beauteous means something beautiful in a poetic way

    Eg. What a beauteous scene of the ocean it is!

    Hope that I can help you ^^

  • Bluedy
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    8 年前

    stressed 通常講述緊張的狀況, 雖然都是"adj", 但並不常用在名詞前面, 而 stressful就可用在名詞前面去形容這名詞, e.g. a stressful job。

    這資料是在字典內找的 :

    stressed 若用在 noun 前面只可以 "that has had a lot of physical pressure put on it e.g. stressed metal

    它們都是形容詞, 在我來看差別是細微的, 亦有好多人並不太仔細, 兩者或三者都無分別的照用, 要看你是是否執著, 或有什麼特定用途 :

    stressed : too anxious and tired to be able to relax

    stressful : causing a lot of anxiety and worry

    satisfying : giving pleasure because it provides something you need or want; e.g. a satisfying meal / experience

    satisfactory : good enough for a particular purpose; e.g. a satisfactory explanation

    satisfied : pleased because you have achieved something or because something that you wanted to happen has happened; e.g. a satisfied smile

    beautiful 和 beauteous 的解釋是一樣, "beauteous" 是文言的用法, 就等於中文的白話和文言文一樣, 比較文化味的用 "beauteous"。