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Economic and public affairsF.1

Economic and public affairs F.1 Q :

1.Give 5 example about condition of international financal centre .. and why ..

I.S Q :

If some ice are put into a glass bottle which have some water already ...what will

happened ???

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    Economic and public affairs F1Q:-

    (1)5 conditions for International Financial Center,why:-

    Income:---HK Gove/public finances help you make money on stock market;Acquire a wealth;Build up savings; Be dependent on benefits;

    Expenditure:----HK Gov.can help you invest savings in your buz.; Pay/accept a cheque even(USA);Exchange currency;

    Banks:-------HK Gov.can credit/debit of your account; Be deal with you on overdrawn problems.

    Personal finance:-------HK Gov.manage+plan your finances; Plan a budget; Offer/Extend credit to you on Moving houses,Factories, Help your building projects; Finance your co.'s stay in HK, Arrange a loan/an overdraft; Pay for something in instalments;

    Financial Difficulties:------The HK Gov. will help you when you get into debt/financial difficulties;Short of money-cash; Be landed with a bill for EURO-pounds.Can't afford the cost of Company's rent; Fall behind on the mortgage/repqyments/ rent on Mainland's CEPA buz; Incur debts; Settle your debts;

    (2) IS Q:-It will cover with icing ice on top and delicious ice-cold water can't be drunk unless with a straw !It becomes an ice bucket which holds ice cubes, cold water and ice !

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