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匿名 發問於 文學及人文學詩詞 · 7 年前

If I become...,I will...造句!急急急

If I become...,I will...造39句!!!急急急!!!THX!明天要交!20點!

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  • 7 年前

    If I become a teacher, I will walk around inspecting students' work.

    If I become a police, I will enforce the law.

    If I become a doctor, I will be in touch by telephone with my patients.

    If I become a lawyer, I will produce a clever defence of my client.

    If I become a accountant, I will analyze an unprofitable operation quickly.

    If I become a engineer, I will do an inspection for others.

    If I become a driver, I will not offend against the traffic regulations.

    If I become a writer, I will constructe a number of stories.

    If I become a journalist, I will not reveal the identity of my informant.

    If I become a artist, I will let nothing come between myself and my work.

    If I become a cook, I will be in charge of the kitchen helper.

    If I become a dancer, I will throw myself heart and soul into every performance.

    If I become a principal, I will castigate the student who have insult their teacher.

    If I become a fireman, I will send jets of water into the burning house.

    If I become a nurse, I will be always full of thought for my patients.

    If I become a librarian, I will catalogue the books orderly.

    If I become a pharmacist, I will make up the prescribed medicine.

    If I become a chemist, I will analyze the new tonic.

    If I become a social worker, I will do a lot of good.

    If I become a professor, I will be besieged with questions from my students.

    If I become a actor, I will play a wide variety of parts.

    If I become a reporter, I will have a nose for news.

    If I become a clerk, I will book down details of every article handed in.

    If I become a pastor, I will clap on a prayer for my congregation.

    If I become a surgeon, I will assume that all operative wounds will contain bacteria.

    If I become a singer, I will charm my listeners with my sweet voice.

    If I become a dentist, I will pull others’ tooth out.

    If I become a tourist guide, I will be responsible for arranging and coordinating tour activities.

    If I become a pilot, I will remain vigilant at all times.

    2013-09-13 03:04:48 補充:

    If I become a director, I will use ingenious devices to keep the audience in suspense.

    If I become a judge, I will remind the witness that he or she was still under oath.

    If I become a economist, I will argue against the current financial orthodoxy.

    2013-09-13 03:05:05 補充:

    If I become a waiter, I will bring the menu for people.

    If I become a biologist, I will observe bacteria.

    If I become a scientist, I will burst on the truth.

    2013-09-13 03:05:14 補充:

    If I become a designer, I will be hip to the latest fashion.

    If I become a bartender, I will shook up cocktails in a metal container.

    If I become a photographer, I will pose the family before taking the picture.

    If I become a dietitian, I will exchange lists and several sample menus.

    2013-09-13 03:10:15 補充:


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    7 年前

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  • tohsan
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    If I become top two percent student in the class I will apply for admission to the Standford University in California.

    If I become rich I will buy a house for my mother to retire.

    If I become single again I will not seek for marriying anybody again.

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