Eng problem(remedy and redeem)

what is the difference of words "remedy" and "redeem"? explain with example pls.

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  • 7 年前

    Remedy (transitive verb, noun) 補救; 糾正, 治療 ~ to deal with a problem or improve (or correct) a bad situation

    We are working to remedy these shortcomings.

    To remedy the situation, the water must be chemically treated.

    Redeem (transitive verb) 挽回, 補救 ~ to make (something/someone that is bad or unpleasant) better or more acceptable

    The exciting ending partially redeems what is otherwise a very dull movie.

    The restaurant's excellent service is not enough to redeem [= compensate for] the mediocre food

    Redeem 多數開始時做壞了(衰左), 例如 behave badly, 人為, 設法挽回, = compensate for ~ 不多不少有 “補鍋” 意思 (廣東俗話)

    Remedy 是事件出了問題, 設法補救; 糾正 (= solve the problem)

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary
  • 7 年前

    remedy 可以是 verb(動詞) 或 noun(名詞)。

    動詞解作 補救/治療

    If I made a mistake, I will try to remedy it. 我如果有錯的話, 我會改正的。

    名詞解作 補救方法

    I know a remedy for headaches. 我知道一種治頭疼的藥


    2013-09-09 21:24:17 補充:

    redeem 一定是verb(動詞)

    解作 挽回/贖回/償還/補救/彌補/修復

    They hope the acting will redeem the play. 他們希望出色的表演能彌補戲本身的不足。


  • 7 年前

    remedy係noun,意思係方法,redeem係verb,意思係履行 。