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''我想要你的簽名可我沒有你的照片'', ''和你帥得一塌糊塗''的英文是?

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  • 7 年前

    We’ve stuck with you since the beginning, and even then we promised we’d never let go. All we ask is you don’t push us away. Promise you’ll never forget us. We made you who you are, and we’ll never let anyone tear that down. We’ll never let anyone take you away and break you. Because you’re all grown up now, it will only get harder from here. But we promise as long as you stick with us, we’ll stay with you forever. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, or make us regret. Focus on who you are and who you want to be, because that’s what you’re best at, and that’s who we fell in love with. We can’t always get what we want. We can’t all make you our own definition of perfection, because you’re perfect no matter what. Some of us may not be growing up with you, but we feel like we’ve known you our whole lives. You care about us more than anyone else has, and what makes it even more special is you haven’t met us yet. Please, never grow up, never grow out of who you are. It may hurt us inside that you’re older now, and you’ll only keep getting older. But you’ll never cease to amaze us with anything you do. You’ll always be in our hearts forever, so hold onto us, forever. We hope 18 is as fun and amazing you want it to be. We can’t for new surprises and all that’s in store for us, because you do it to make us happy. Never lose your gorgeous smile, it’s the reason most of us want wake up everyday. Never change who you used to be, who you are, and who you aspire to be. Because against all odds, we’ll always love you and we promise to stay with you as long as you stay with us. Deal?”

  • 7 年前

    用 Autograph (親筆簽名) 比較適合

    Autograph = a famous person’s signature that they give to someone who admires them.

    在外國, 問明星取autograph, 多數是相片加親筆簽名

    2013-07-23 19:26:56 補充:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!

  • 7 年前

    Dear General,

    ---I appreciate the character you have portrayed in cinema and I am your fans.It seems justify to have your signature,but you must also admit, with due regard to general Agent principle, that I have no picture of yours. Your signature can hardly be sending and getting unless you as a General send me one.

    ---It seems you're so messing about and start loitering in the cinema lounge handsomely about in Hollywood !

    ---As you are always helpful and co-operative,will you send me one signature at the following address?

    ---The Address:-(XXXXX)

    (a)I want your signature, but I've no picture of yours.

    (b)As a General, you're so messing about, handsomely about in Hollywood !

  • 匿名
    7 年前

    I sincerely wish to have your John Hancock (this means signature), but I don't have your picture. You are really handsome and full of complaisance. Please send your signature to the following address at your earliest convenience:

    Sue Meng

    Rm 1608, Ying Fat Building


    New Territories, Hong Kong