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F.1程度 english book report 急 !

要一篇F.1程度的book report !!!





Number of pages:


Briefly deseribe the plot of the book ( 60 words )

Tell 5 things you learned while reading the book ( 70 words )

Write a diary that one of the main characters in the story might have kept before,during ,or after the event in the book.Remember that character's thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary

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    7 年前

    Title: Magic Tree House #28: High Tide in Hawaii

    Author: Mary Pope Osborne

    Publisher: Random House Children's Books

    Number of pages: 73

    High Tide in Hawaii, by Mary Pope Osborne, is a fantastic story that takes place in Hawaii. This fascinating book is about two adventurous children, Jack and Annie, who come from Frog Creek in Pennsylvania, try to find the last special magic to become Magicians of Everyday Magic.

    The story begins when Jack and Annie discover that the magic tree house is back after reading two books about gorillas and pilgrims. When they go inside the tree house, they saw a paper which is a secret rhyme on the floor. It tells them to find the last special magic by building a ship. They need to go to Hawaii to finish the mission but they are in danger, because of a natural disaster.

    The book is full of exciting moments as the author creates tension with unexpected twists and vivid description. Besides, the plots happened surprisingly, they make me surprised.

    I thoroughly recommend this book. Readers will have an enjoyable time reading this masterpiece as they are kept in amazement until the end of the book. Furthermore, students, parents and teachers also love this excellent book.

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    I have learnt....

    1. We have to treasure our friends.

    2. Disasters may happen unexpectedly.

    3. We should trust ourselves and others.

    4. We should also solve the problems but not to escape them.

    5. At last, we have to be confident so that we can solve the problems effectively.

    2013-07-24 17:00:16 補充:

    I hope you can finish the diary part by YOURSELF - You have a long summer vacation to finish it!!! Isn't it?

    資料來源: Me, Me, Me
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    4 年前

    English Book Report

  • 7 年前

    Tittle:Life Of Pi

    Author:Yann Martel

    Publisher:Canon Gate

    Number Of Pages:428



    While Pi and his family decided to sold the zoo and went to Canada to start a new life,a tragic shipwreck happened.Pi became the only human survivor with a hyena,a orang-utan as well as a 450 pound Royal Bengal tiger(Richard Parker) .

    that was a cruel war of self defense and only Pi and Richard Parker won the war.

    They continue their journey and reached a mystery lsland.pi decided to stay at firstbut he found out something that changed his mind....Their jouney ended when they reached Mexico.richard Parker returned to the wild and Pi went to Canada to start a new life....

    I've learnt..

    1.Treasure your beloved one

    2.Life must go one

    3.Believe in Miracle

    4.we need to face the fear by ourselves,not to escape.

    5.don't be self-centered


    資料來源: me-a secondary-school student also^^