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商業英文書信-翻譯 (急)


此郵件是想查問有關我們協會與貴公司有關網絡醫生的合約詳情, 首先, 請問現時合約的有效期直至何時? 我們希望調整診金金額, 由現時的$130增至$150,另外,除了診金之外,有沒有其他附帶項目在合約內,而如果貴公司同意診金之調整, 其合約期會有什麼變動

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  • 7 年前

    Dear sir / madam,

    On behalf of our association, I am writing to ask about the details of the contract regarding the net doctors between your company and us. We would be grateful if you could kindly clarify the following points for us:

    1. The date on which the effective period of the current contract ends

    2. Any other items included in the contract that we should take into consideration when adjusting the consultation fee, besides the fee itself. We hope to raise the fee from the current level of $130 to $150.

    3. Any changes to the contract period if your company agrees with the adjustment of consultation fees.

    Thank you so much for your time. We are looking forward to your prompt reply and more opportunities to work with you in the future.

    Yours faithfully,



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    第一段 - points 【to】 us

    2013-07-09 17:03:55 補充:

    又或者,第一段最尾那句不要 for us,這樣讀起來順一些。

    資料來源: 自己
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  • 7 年前

    Business Use 23

    ==========> ?

    Bu si ne su se =

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  • 匿名
    7 年前

    This letter is to inquire the contract details of affiliated doctors between our Association and your Company. First of all, may we ask when will the current contract expire? We have the intention of adjusting consultation fees from $130 to $150. We are also interested to know are there any appendages apart from the consultation fees. In the case that your Company agrees to our consultation fee adjustments, in what way it will affect the current contract? Thank you.

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  • YIP
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    7 年前

    This email is intending to ask about details of the contract between our association and your internet doctors' associates. First of all, when will be the expiration date of the contract? As we would like to revise the existing medical fees from $130 to $150 only without any additional charges in our contract. If it was agreed by your associates and would like to know there will be any changes in the expiration date of our contract.

    資料來源: Myself
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  • 7 年前

    This message is to inquire about our association with your company details on network physician contracts, first of all, What is the current contract valid until when? We want to adjust the amount of consultation fees from the current $ 130 to $ 150, in addition, in addition to outside consultation there is no other incidental items in the contract, and if the Company agreed consultation adjustments, what will change in their contract period

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