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    Hong Kong

    Your application will take at least 4 weeks. Don’t book any travel until you’ve received your new passport.

    1.Download the application form and guidance notes. Using the ‘Smart application form’ can help reduce errors on your application.

    2.Include 2 identical new photos of you. Follow the rules about passport photos or your application may be delayed.

    3.Include your current or previous British National (Overseas) passport and a copy of your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card. If you’ve lost your identity card, you must send both a personal identification form (PDF, 64KB) and original proof of identity (eg driving licence, utility bill, bank statement).

    Smart application form (fill in on screen, print and sign)

    Download ‘Smart application form’ (PDF, 188KB)

    Blank application form (print, fill in on paper and sign)

    Download ‘Passport application form for adults aged 16 and over’ (135KB)

    Guidance notes

    Download ‘Guidance notes’ (PDF, 41KB)

    Send your application to:

    British Consulate-General

    RPPC - 5th Floor

    1 Supreme Court Road

    Hong Kong