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I cannot pass the validation after uploading the file to the system and it showed me the following error. As I do not really understand where I am making error, would you please kindly assist to check the attached files what are wrong with them? Thank you.

就超簡單一句 就是說我有一個檔案上傳到某系統後,使用系統的validation功能說我下面某些items有錯誤,但我並不了解哪裡處出錯,因此我只好把檔案寄給對方幫我檢查哪裡出問題。大概就是醬喲!

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  • 幻星
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    8 年前

    I couldn't pass the validation after uploading my file to the system, and then an error notification popped up. Since i couldn't understand what it meant, I was wondering if there was anyone who could help me check the error in my file and get me through this problem.