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Tam 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前


We cannot pass the validation as it shows us the following error. Whould you please check my attached files where we should correct? Thank you.

就超簡單一句 就是說我有一個檔案上傳到某系統後,使用系統的validation功能說我下面某些items有錯誤,但我並不了解哪裡處出錯,因此我只好把檔案寄給對方幫我檢查哪裡出問題。大概就是醬喲!

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  • 匿名
    7 年前

    We were unable to send one of the attachments to your system as the validated function displayed an error message. Yet we have no clue as to where exactly the error existed. So we have to send over the entire file to you for figuring out the problem and get it solved. Thank you.

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  • 7 年前

    Hello, I tried to upload a file to your system earlier, however, this was rejected with an error message “xxxx”. I have attached the files here for your reference. Could you help me to spot the errors, and upload them to your system? Thanks.

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  • 7 年前


    1. We 應該改成 I;us 應該改成 me,既然你是指「自己」預到系統上的問題,那就不應用「我們」吧。

    2. 不知道那系統是否只有檔案上傳才需要 validation,所以建議寫清楚一些:在 pass the validation 後面加上 after uploading the file to the system。

    3. 你不應用 as, because 等連接詞,因為 shows us the following error 跟 cannot pass the validation 沒有直接的因果關係。是你的檔案有問題,所以導致你 cannot pass the validation,shows us the following error 是個結果。這裏你應該用 and。

    4. shows 用過去式 showed 比較好,因為是之前發生的事。

    5. 你兩句之間的意思有點脫節,建議在第二句前加一句:As I do not really understand the error message,

    6. Whould 串錯字,應是 Would。

    7. 建議你 please 後面加 kindly,有禮貌斯文一些,讓那個幫你 check 的人看得舒服一點。

    8. my attached files 可寫得清楚一些是甚麼(因為你無端端 my attached files,那個人可能會有點混亂):the attached files which I was going to upload。

    9, where we should correct 除了 where 的文法錯了外(因為 files 不是一個地方),意思上也表達不了你「幫我檢查哪裡出問題」意思。where we should correct 可改成:for me to see what is wrong with them for me。


    I cannot pass the validation after uploading the file to the system and it showed me the following error. As I do not really understand the error message, would you please kindly check the attached files I was going to upload for me to see what is wrong with them? Thank you.


    資料來源: 自己
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  • Wai ho
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    First, no 'whould' this word. I think you want to write 'would. Next, I think 'because' better than 'as'(I know they have the same meaning).

    資料來源: me
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