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I am currently 22, i feel as if i don't have any friends....

study, work and exercise repeatedly everyday...

had love before now goes away, well she was selfish anyway ....

i want a stable life, i don't want to play around.

everyone at my age don't want to be in relationship for long

or i am not good looking enough, or i am not rich enough.

I want a family, but that's only for the immature one to say.

let's assume time is what we waiting for, we will wait...

is it worth waiting or should be creating more chances in life?

upgrading yourself, looks and knowledge.

Is a high IQ person can't be with a high EQ person?

I want to understand myself, while change myself, but don't see what's wrong with myself.

spend money on women, risk my life for a women (nearly get caught by police)

not worth right?

Can someone analyze me? understand me?

making goals are necessary but the flow of life creates more goals?

more of everyday, more goals are upcoming, will there ever be an end...

every human life just want to accomplish goals, have authority over things and have their own life....

ever thought of something different to do?

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  • Jenkin
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    8 年前

    There is nothing wrong with being intellect and want to be stable; but considering your age and strategically speaking in attracting a “woman” to get stable with you, you have to understand two key things: 1. Woman/Girl wants man/boy who is interesting while dating and with a sense of security (or stable) with prospective advances (financial/career/education/personality). 2. Woman/Girl is emotional and expressive, so they like to know “everything” but it is not for intellectual understanding but for emotional fulfillment. So as you say you may be high IQ, so be conscious not to “lecture/explain about things” but try to talk about “how you SEE things”. Eventually, if you meet more people and willing to express how you “see”, some women/girls may like what they “see” in how you “see”; this may be one of the ways to join the IQ with the EQ (as you see it). This is no simple answer to your topic. But worst come to worst, I’m sure if you work hard (in your job and education), your type should be very popular when you are 30-35. So my suggestion may be for you to start liking woman in 25-30s instead of trying to date/like girl in 20s. Try to meet and understand what unmarried women after their 30s want and what kind of man will make them wanted. You may need 5-10 years to understand woman. And you will need at least 10 year of work before you can be “stable”.

    Be happy with every day and try to “see” interesting aspects in all things.