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小弟部電腦電腦無lala有聲出, 佢好似係一D廣告OR片.

用左anti-virus(kaspersky and ad-aware) scan完之後重有, 個kaspersky成日同我講twunk 32.exe down緊野但係又話佢冇毒, 又delete唔到.

我可以點做?唔想比錢去fix. 求高手help!

1 個解答

  • 8 年前

    The easiest way is to try & roll back your system to a date before this happened.

    Go to the restore function & pick the appropriate date then proceed.

    Note: Any programs you installed after this date will be deleted. However, any work such as documents will be fine.

    If problem persists, you'll have to clean your registry.

    資料來源: General PC knowledge