Helping poor people in H.K

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There are lots of people who need help in Hong Kong .In fact,our club can do a lot of things for the needy people in Hong Kong.



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  • 8 年前

    There are lots of people who need help in Hong Kong. In fact, our club can do a lot of things for the needy people in Hong Kong.

    First, we may launch a fundraising event in our school to raise money for the charities helping the needy. For example, we can hold a stall on the school playground selling homemade cookies and lemonade to the students and teachers, of which the revenue would be donated to the charities. This is one of the desired ways for us to help, since we can raise donations and promote the awareness of students and teachers on poor people in Hong Kong at the same time.

    Second, we can hold an exhibition about the situation of the poor people in Hong Kong. Besides the ordinary display boards explaining what the poor are facing today, we may have special exhibits that can instantly catch everyone's attention, such as a model as large as a person which mimics the boarding rooms in Hong Kong many poor people live in. When students and teachers see how bad the conditions of these rooms are, they would be likely to care more about poverty in Hong Kong and take actions to help. These are the ultimate aims of such an exhibition.

    Lastly, we may be volunteers of the charities. As many charities are non-profit organizations, their budget is tight and therefore volunteers are valuable resources to them. On occasions when we visit the poor people, we could cheer them up so that they could feel better while struggling to live in poverty. Moreover, through volunteering, we can gain a better understanding of the situation of poor people in Hong Kong, which allows us to better organize our club activities. Therefore, being volunteers is indeed beneficial to all parties.

    Of course, there are lots of things other than those mentioned that can be done to alleviate poverty in Hong Kong. But the point is that we must have the passion to help poor people. Without passion, we cannot do anything well. So keep passionate and our club could help a lot.

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