nokia 5130 got drenched in the water. what to do? plz help?

my nokia 5130 got drenched with the water, i went out for work, but it started rain, my mobile was in my pocket. I put into a poly-bag to save it. but unfortunately it got drenched. my mobile is not functioning correctly, sound has got bad.

how can I save it? pls help.........

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  • 8 年前

    I had the same thing happen to me well not really, dropped in in the darn toilet. I was told you take the battery out right way and the sim card if you have one, shake it out gently, and then dry it out. Then if you can take the back of your phone apart use a blow dry to dry it out. Be careful don't put it on high heat it can melt the parts in it. Dry until you see all the water coming out. Put in rice. I put mine in a box of rice. Make sure the ports are closed because the rice will get in there if you can close your ports on your phone. I.E. charger port, usb port, headphone jack, etc.

    And cross your fingers it will work later after 24 hours in rice. See my phone you can't take the battery out it's built in. I did all of those steps above I told you and now the power button works and the power light works all of a sudden. My screen still black :( I am still hoping it works after sitting in rice! Same to you. Good luck.

  • Alicia
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    8 年前

    Pull out the battery. That's critical. Stop reading this and do that now.

    Done? Good.

    If you have some rice, get a ziplock bag and place the phone in it and bury it with the rice. Next go to the Walmart and buy some of the pure silica gel kitty litter. It's a blue bag with white silica gel crystals. It's a much better desiccant (water remover) than the rice but the rice will start the process while you get the crystals.

    Then remove the phone from the rice and place in another bag with the crystals. Heck just open the bag it came in and shove it in. Let it sit for a week.

    If you look at it after a week and you don't see any signs of moisture (fog in the display) then put the battery back in and put it on the charger and hit the power button. If you've lucked out and the phone powers up and is working fine...congrats, you're one of the 30% who was lucky to revive a phone (sorry, the odds are against you). If not then you're going to have to replace it.

  • ?
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    4 年前

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  • 匿名
    8 年前

    Turn it off and stick it in uncooked rice I think. Try google for drying out a phone. But turn it off at least.