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Bruno 發問於 科學及數學化學 · 7 年前

Greenhouse gases

nitrous oxides = nitrogen oxides?

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  • 7 年前

    It should be "nitrous oxide" instead of "nitrousoxides", as there is no such chemical called "nitrous oxides".

    應該是「nitrous oxide」而不是「nitrous oxides」,因為沒有「nitrous oxides」這個化學品。

    "Nitrogen oxides" means the oxides of nitrogen. There are many kinds of nitrogen oxides,including N2O, NO, NO2, N2O3, N­2O4and N2O5. In the viewof (air) pollution, nitrogen oxides are denoted as NOx and generalinclude NO and NO2 only.

    「Nitrogen oxides」的意思是氮的氧化物。氮的氧化物有很多種,包括N2O、NO、NO2、N2O3、N­2O4和N2O5。從(空氣)污染的角度看,nitrogen oxides以NOx來表示,通常只包括NO和NO2。

    "Nitrous oxide", with chemical formula N2O, is also knownas dinitrogen monoxide or laughing gas, is a member of nitrogen oxides. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas and hasmany uses as an oxidizer, an anesthetic, and a food additive.

    「Nitrous oxide」的化學是N2O,亦稱為dinitrogen monoxide或laughing gas,是nitrogen oxides的其中一種。Nitrous oxide是一種溫室氣體,它有多種用途,包括作為氧化劑、麻醉劑、食物添加劑。

    資料來源: micatkie
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  • 7 年前

    nitrous oxide≠nitrogen oxide

    Nitrous oxide 是 nitrogen oxide 的一種,Nitrogen oxide 是氮氧化物,即一些由氮及氧所組合成的化合物,而氮及氧的數目是可以有多種變化;而 nitrous oxide 是一氧化二氮,即一組分子中由兩顆氮原子以及一顆氧原子組合成的氣體。

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