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急 !!!!!!!!! 英文一分鐘短講

Do you think that cantonese opera needs to be modernise

to suit people taste today?

help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good morning/afternoon. I'm going to talk about my views on the modernization of Cantonese opera.

    In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary for Cantonese opera to be modernized. Currently, Cantonese opera has little young audience. One main reason is that its traditional way of performance does not appeal to the younger generation. Whereas the traditional opera focuses solely on the performers, the younger generation is equally concerned about both the performers and the stage techniques like lighting effects. Thus, Cantonese opera will lose this group of young audience if it does not cater for their taste. And in this way, it will surely decline in decades.

    In fact, many Western operas have also faced the same problem, and most of them undergo modernization to solve it. Therefore, to conclude, I think that the Cantonese opera should give modernization a try now, as it might be the most effective and simplest solution available.

    Thank you.

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