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new year

imformatation about Chinese new year fast.

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    Spring Festival is also called the lunar new year, lunar new year, lunar new year, lunar new year, commonly known as "have the Spring Festival, new year, Spring Festival.". The long history of the Spring Festival, which originated in the Shang period the first gods and ancestor worship activity. In the Spring Festival was originally in twenty-four solar term, later changed to lunar lunar January 1 (i.e. lunar January 1), seen as the beginning of the lunar new year, is the beginning of the year. According to China's lunar new year, lunar January first called Yuanri, tall, element, Yuan Shuo, such as new year's day, commonly known as the Lunar New Year's day. This is a traditional festival of our country folk is most grand, the most lively. The traditional sense of the Spring Festival, from the twelfth lunar month offering or 23, 24 of people, until the lunar January fifteen, the Lantern Festival is over, some places even to the whole lunar January, on New Year's Eve and lunar January first climax.Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival. In the traditional Chinese New Year holiday period, people held various kinds of celebration activities, these activities are to worship gods and ancestors, Fu Ying Jubilee then, pray for good harvest as the main content. Yao, Zhuang, white, alpine, Hezhen, Hani, Daur, Dong, Li, full, Mongolia, more than a dozen ethnic minorities also had the custom of Chinese new year, but in the form of festivals have their own national characteristics.