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我知道ships指大隻的船, 但boats最大又可以指有多大的船呢?

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    BOAT (艇, 船) 有兩個定義

    (1) a small vehicle that people use for travelling on water. Boats are usually smaller than ships, and are moved by means of sails, oars, and motor.

    Example: sail-boat, motor-boat, row-boat, speed-boat, tug-boat, pleasure boat, lifeboat, kayak, canoe, yacht, catamaran, barge, dinghy, hydrofoil, hovercraft, punt, cutter, dory, steamer, raft, trawler, schooner

    (2) any vessel that travels across the water, including a ship that carries passengers (船的統稱)

    SHIP (船)

    a very large boat that carries passengers and/or goods, especially over a long distance.

    Example: liner, ferry, cargo ship, passenger ship, freighter, tanker, supertanker, icebreaker

    In the Navy, a boat is defined as a “vessel that can be hauled aboard a ship”.

    In common usage, a ship is somewhat larger, though submarine is always referred as a boat. e.g. U-boat.

    However, larger passenger ships which travel short distances are sometimes called boats.

    She was getting off at Hamburg to take the boat to Stockholm.

    Boat and ship are not interchangeable in some phrases and idioms.

    in the same boat, miss the boat, rock the boat, ship of fools, jump ship, run a tight ship


    sampan (中國舢板), junk (中國平底帆船)

    gondola (意大利威尼斯兩頭尖的平底船)

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary
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    ship is bigger than boat

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    但sail boat卻可以很大隻(例如比賽用的sail boat可以載上十幾人)要比最細的yacht還大