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Materials 大家快來啊!!! T_T


愈多愈好! 最好有埋中文

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    If be material to; The material noun is a noun connected with matter,the stuff of which something is made;the textile fabric stuff,drugs,pharmacology should not be mentioned if you want 'materials":-

    For flora trees you've bamboo--banyan--camphor--cotton tree--cypress--fig-tree--forest woods--shrub--

    For useful geographical terms on material:-

    earth--forest---mud---rock--sand---soil---stone---papers----swamp material--mercury chemicals--

    At the market place you could find the material names from Meat,from Poultry, from Seafood, from vegetables, from fruit and nuts and from dairy products All other materials names be found out by yourselves. All English names are self-explanatory.Thanks.