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  • 8 年前

    Basically, if you want to be a composer, you need to be a musician first. composers are very often good musicians. they need to have knowledge in music history, theory, composing, and performing. i believe if you have been thinking of being a composer, you must have a certain degree of music skills. i would suggest you to expose yourself to as many different kinds of music as possible, and learn more and excellent in music instruments.

    I cannot say that i am a composer myself, but i did compose some music pieces since i was P.4 (i am graduating from secondary school this year). i learn 3 music instruments: piano, cello, and trumpet, and i play in orchestra, band, and choir. i have been studying music history and composing since 3 years ago and it really helps me in composing better music. i believe the most important thing in becoming a music composer is to listen and perform more. usually after i compose a piece, i would perform it to my friends and family and ask for opinions. their opinions might not be professional, but any opinion help me improve my piece. sometimes i let my music instruments teachers perform it and have them give me professional opinions. I have been working on an orchestra piece lately and i hope to have my school orchestra to try it after i finish it!

    most important thing, don't be sad or depressed when people criticize your music. it could be hard to deal with in the beginning, but after all they are the one who can help you composing better music! i used to hate it when people criticize my music, especially those from whose music ability is lower than me. but their opinions are very likely the public's opinion! and who knows, maybe your piece after the changes you made will be famous!

    資料來源: myself~ hope it helps^^
  • 8 年前












    資料來源: 演藝作曲系學生
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    Lv 7
    8 年前

    作曲者需要有音樂知識, 如樂理及懂得彈奏音樂等, 但又不一定要鋼琴, 但當然鋼琴是最好的, 作曲是有得學, 你可去報讀一些作曲課程, 因為作曲是要跟曲式的, 如你沒有此知識, 可能都作到歌仔, 但要吸引別人就比較難.

  • 8 年前


    資料來源: 作曲