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係香港山窮水盡所以想去澳洲Working Holiday賺錢,但係英文唔好怕揾唔到野做,希望大家可以幫手翻譯下D基本英語會話,等小弟過到去唔使太徬徨。



我: 你好,我約左今日四點黎見工架。


我: 我係來自香港既Working holiday maker,希望在悉尼這個多文化的環境中工作。我諗我既長處係樂於面對新挑戰,容易與別人相處同合作。


我: 我没有太多飲食業既相關經驗,不過我非常願意去學。


我: 因為我係持Working holiday visa的,如果可以我希望在這裡工作三至六個月。



我: 請問今日我需要做D咩?


我: 請問有咩地方我要特別注意架?


我: 記住菜式係包括D咩呢?


我: 是不是每款套餐都有不同的組合?


38. 工作(西餐廳)

我: 請坐這邊,請問要D咩野?


我: 餐飲要上先還是用餐後?



我: 對唔,住先生,意粉剛剛賣晒,介唔介意試下其他?今日既廚師推介係海鮮焗飯。


我: 唔好意思,我同你跟一跟。



我: 盛惠36蚊丫。



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    36.見工(西餐廳)我: I am here for the four o’clock appointment.經理:Please fill out the application and introduce yourself briefly including your background, strength, and weakeness.我: I am a “Worker on holiday” from Hong Kong hoping to work in multi-cultural environment like Sydney. My strength is like to face with new challenges and very easy to work with others.經理:Weaknesses?我:I do not have too much experiences pertaining to the food processing and manufacturing industry, yet I do have lots of enthusiasm to learn.經理:How long do you plan to work here?我: Since I am holding a working holiday visa, I am planning to work here from a range of three to six months.經理:Can you start working next week?37.工作(西餐廳)我: What are my job duties for today?經理:Memorize the table number and cuisine, learn to arrange cutlery, fold serviette and serve red wine for the customers.我:Is there anything in particular that I have to pay attention to?經理:Please take away the dishes immediately whenever you notice the customers had finished eating.我: When you say to memorize the cuisine, what does it include?經理:the shape, the name, the ingredients, and its price.我: Is every meal has their unique combination?經理:Yes, some come with soup which the others do not, and the luxury meals require a minimum of three people before taking an order. 38. 工作(西餐廳)我: Please sit at this side, and may I ask what do you like to order?客人:A coffee, a spaghetti with steak au poivre, and a borsch.我: Do you want the drink to be served before the meal or after?客人:Coffee first, please.…………………………我: I am sorry, sir. Spaghetti had been sold out. Would you mind trying some other cuisines? Our special today is baked rice with seafood.客人:Sounds good. How come my coffee hadn’t come?我: Sorry about that. I will follow up on that.………………………….客人:Can I have the bill please?我: Thirty-six dollars please.客人:Here is fifty dollars, give me $10 for change is fine, the remaining $4 is for gratuity.

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    The left of me: Hello, I'm about four o'clock today Li to see workers shelf.

    Manager: you fill out the forms for the first, and then tell us about yourself, such as background, strengths and weaknesses in English.

    Me: I am from Hong Kong Working holiday maker, hopes to work in Sydney, this multi-cultural environment. I recite my strengths Department prepared to face new challenges, and easy to get along with others of the same cooperation.

    Manager: weaknesses it?

    Me: I do not have much catering industry are both relevant experience, but I am very willing to learn.

    Manager: Do you intend to work here how long?

    Me: because I was holding a Working holiday visa, can I hope to work in three to six months.

    Manager: next week you can start to work?


    Me: What today I need to do D baa?

    Manager: To remember the station number with the dishes, learning to set the table, fold napkins with the odd glass of red wine.

    I: Will Youmie the place I want to pay special attention to frame?

    Manager: see guests eating food both empty dish must immediately take away.

    I: Remember dishes Department including D baa?

    Manager: dishes both look, name, material as well as the price.

    : Each package has a different combination?

    Manager: some with the soup of some wealth meals each at least three people before placing an order.

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