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匿名 發問於 旅遊澳洲其他 - 澳洲 · 8 年前

澳洲行程 - 有什麼更好的建議?

Day 2 (12/4 Fri)

1130 -Paradise Country 澳洲牧場體驗

Night - Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market 市中心夜市場 (星期三及五營業)

Day 3 (13/4 Sat)

- Centro Surfers Paradise 跟 Local tour 睇營火蟲 (可以同捉泥蟹同一日麼?)

Day 4 (14/4 Sun)

- 跟 local tour Crab Catching Cruises捉泥蟹

- Harbour Town (Factory Outlet 1000-1700 hrs)

Day 5 (15/4 Mon)

- Seaworld or Dreamworld

- Cavill Avenue Mall shopping

Day 6 (16/4 Tue)

- Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk



- Cedar Creek Estate (1000-1600 hrs)酒莊附設藍光復蟲洞

Day 7 (17/4 Wed)

- Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary



Pacific Fair

- Shopping

or Lone Pine Koala Sanctuart in Brisbane 樹熊保育園 (P.98-99)

Fraser Island, Tangalooma or Brisbane worth to go?

Day 8 (18/4 Thu) Gold Coast 1030 hrs→MEL 1245 hrs (TT 965)

1400 市區觀光 Shuttle bus Route 35 → Federation Square (P.134)

Shuttle bus Route 35 → Queen Victoria Market (P.166-172)

Flinders Street station 地標火車站

Local visit incl. 維多利亞國立美術館,澳大利亞移動圖像中心

Koko black chocolate, 52, collins St

Dinner : 勇記越南餐館, 232 Russell St.

2100 Crown Entertainment Comples Casino - South Bank of MEL (P.176)

Day 9 (19/4 Fri) 0800

Local Tour - The 12 Apostles

& Local Tour - Phillp Island 企鵝天堂

Day 10 (20/4 Sat)

0800 -Puffing Billy Train (P.24, 216) (0900-1630)

- St. kilola - Esplanade Market

(South Mel, P.202)

請問這行程可行嗎? 有什麼更好的建議? 請給予修改? Many thx!



1 FROM Puffing Billy STATION GO TO St Kilda Beach 怎樣去呢?

2 - Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

- Cedar Creek Estate (1000-1600 hrs)酒莊附設藍光復蟲洞

3 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuart in Brisbane 樹熊保育園

有冇人可提供以上行程的詳細乘車方法呢? MANY THX!

1 個解答

  • 8 年前

    Day 8 (18/4, Thursday)

    The Federation Square is just opposite the Flinders Street Station.

    If you stay in hotels in the city you can just walk there. Don’t waste time waiting for the Shuttle Bus.

    You won’t be able to visit the Victoria Market on 18/4 because the Market closes at 2pm every Thursday. (NOT open on Monday and Wednesday too)

    Both The National Gallery of Victoria (維多利亞國立美術館) and the ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image (澳大利亞移動圖像中心) are at the Federation Square.

    They open from 10am to 5pm (The Gallery is closed on Tuesday).

    I don’t think you have enough time to visit them on 18/4 too.

    Can just walk to Koko Chocolate (closes at 6:30pm) at Collins Street from Federation Square and then walk to勇記越南餐館 for dinner, and walk to The Crown Entertainment Complex afterwards.


    Skip the Victoria Market, The National Gallery of Victoria, the ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the KoKo Chocolate, since you arrive Melbourne in late afternoon.

    Go to the Visitors Information Centre at the Federation Square (before 6pm). There are lots of maps and pamphlets for tourists, free.

    Walk directly to the Crown Entertainment Complex after you have visited the Federation Square.

    Have dinner there and have a stroll along the river bank afterwards.

    Day 9 (19/4 Fri)

    You can’t join two tours on one day.

    The Great Ocean Road Tour (The 12 Apostles) starts at about 8am and ends after 9pm.

    As for the Philip Island Tour, you can choose either a whole day or a half-day tour.

    Day 10 (20/4 Sat)

    Can join a day tour to the Blue Dandenongs and the Puffing Billy.

    No time to go to the St Kilda Beach.

    The Esplanade Market opens on Sunday only.

    2013-03-13 17:52:37 補充:

    can visit the Victoria Market , the Gallery and the Image Centre on Friday morning and join a half day tour (1pm --9pm) to Philip Island.

    2013-03-13 18:15:12 補充:

    For Day 10, can join a half day Puffing Billy tour (8am -- 1pm) and visit St Kilda Beach by tram in the afternoon.

    2013-03-15 19:51:56 補充:

    There is NO direct public transport linking Belgrave Station and St Kilda.

    You have to go back to the city and take a tram to St Kilda.

    You can take tram No.96 at Bourke Street Mall/Elizabeth Street or at Southern Cross Station

    OR tram No.16 at corner Bourke Street & Swanston Streets

    2013-03-16 11:05:38 補充:

    The Puffing Billy steam railway travels from Belgrave to Gembrook.

    Belgrave is about 35 km east of Melbourne CBD.

    You can go to Belgrave by train.(about 70 minutes)

    From Flinders St Station, the Belgrave train on the Belgrave/Lilydale Line is usually served by platform 2 & 3.

    2013-03-16 11:12:32 補充:

    NOT advisable to take the Puffing Billy by yourself since you have to go back to Belgrave and wait for the train back to the city. The return ticket for the Puffing Billy alone costs A$44 already! Better join a half day Puffing Billy Tour.

    2013-03-16 11:24:32 補充:

    A half day tour (8am to 1pm) costs about A$85. (includes coach to and from the city, Devonshire Tea & Scones, Puffing Billy Steam Train ride, Sherbrooke Forest, Mt Dandenong Lookout,Bird feeding and visit quaint mountain towns )

    2013-03-16 14:45:21 補充:

    Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk and Cedar Creek Estate

    NO public transport.

    You need to DRIVE there or join a day tour if you want to go there.

    2013-03-16 14:48:02 補充:

    There are regular buses to and from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuart in Brisbane.

    Bus number 445 leaves from stop 40 Adelaide Street

    Bus number 430 leaves from Platform B4, Queen Street bus station

    Adult fares are $6.70

    2013-03-18 13:34:05 補充:

    藍光復蟲洞 ? Never heard of it !!!!