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How to see a ghost?

How can see a ghost? ( Cite evidences, please)

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    Seeing a ghost isn't as difficult as you think. Ghost hunting can be dangerous, but seeing a ghost in your own home or other haunted place should be a harmless experience. Pursue a ghost with good intent and you will have a positive experience.


    1. Learn how to meditate and practice it daily for at least a couple weeks. This will sensitize you to spiritual energy.

    2.Decide what ghost you want to see. If you suspect your house may be haunted, you already have an available ghost. But if you need a ghost to see you can call on one.

    3. Meditate and surround yourself with white light for protection. Direct the question to your higher source that you would like to see a friendly spirit. You most likely will not see one right away, but this question creates a focal point of intention in your mind.

    4. Go about your daily business and continue to meditate for at least ten minutes daily, keeping the same question as a focal point in your mind. Concentrate your energy on the center of your head, or pineal gland, to sensitize it. The pineal gland governs your psychic sense.

    5. Relax at times throughout your day and allow yourself to gaze into the distance, whether inside or outside. Ghosts or spirits cannot be looked at directly but can be seen in the periphery of your vision.

    6. Be patient while waiting for results. Continue to focus on your focal question during your meditation and concentrate your energy in the center of your head. Ghosts or spirits in their energetic form look very similar to the waves you see coming off the roof of a hot car or like a mirage.

    7. Notice the energy waves of the spirit. They are usually easier to see when out of doors. While at rest th

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    i hope can halp you

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