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1) 公司網絡醫生所簽署的收據上有以下細則,自己公司和勞保公司可否取得我病歷及報告?

2) 我把外私家醫生報告或X光報告交了網絡醫生或治療師有助其跟進病情,自己公司和勞保公司可否取從此網絡醫生或治療師得到,如果取了不合法?

3) 我已經過了自己公司所提供網絡醫生可看次數,如我自費再睇網絡醫生,自己公司和勞保公司可否取得該次自費診治的病歷及報告? (自費是不用簽署以下收據)

收據上有以下細則 :


I authorize the medical practitioner, hospital or clinic by whom or where I have been seeking consultation or treated for any reason, and any organization, institution or individual that has any record of my employment, to give full particulars thereof including but not limited to prior health history, medical report, sick leave records, or accident details, etc to XXX Medical Services or XXX Professional Management Limited and their agents, the insurer of broker concerned and / or the personnel department concerned. I agree that the insurer may hold, use transfer and disclose such personal information of mine to any associated entities or any third party (within or outside of Hong Kong) for the purposed of processing this voucher. I hereby undertake the responsibility to settle any amount in excess of my coverage and items not covered by the insurer / contract plan. A copy of the authorization shall be as valid as the original.


十分感謝您的回覆!! 我還有些不太明,因為我英文不太好.....

1) 雇主無權取我病歷,而勞保公司有,但勞保跟醫療保公司不是同一間, 勞保公司是否取不到病歷?

2) 外出自費照X光報告(不是網絡醫生),網絡醫生不可把其報告交給雇主和勞保公司,否則是非法? 不太明白,可否用中文講一下,謝謝!

3)不太明白,可否用中文講一下 謝謝!


更新 2:


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    Lv 7
    8 年前

    1. Employer - No; Insurance Company - Yes;

    As insurance company is the one paid out the benefit, the company has every rights to obtain your report and related medical history.

    2. Yes (it is not illegal).

    In all Employees' Compensation case, typical patient privacy does not exist (as you are not the paying party).

    The issue is failure to provide such information may delay or impact your case.

    3. It depends. If you are still going the same doctor for the same work injury, then yes. Otherwise, no.

    (In theory, insurance companies are obligated to provide benefit to you when the visit is necessary for your work injury. Even you are paying out of your own pocket does not mean you can't get your money back from the insurance company.)

    2013-03-06 17:33:32 補充:

    Basically, all of your questions can be concluded as a statement:

    As soon as it is related to your work injury, the insurance company has the right to get the record.