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History Questions!Help!Fast!

Answer the following questions :

1)In the 1930s, the Time Magazine described Hitler as 'evil ' .Do you think the Germans at that time would use the same adjective to describe their leader?Explain your answer.

2)) In response to the aggression of the Axis Powers , Britain adopted the appeasement policy . Do you think it was wise to do so ?

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    1) No they would not. At that time, especially in the late 1930s, Germans suffered most form the Economic Depression - Americans were asking them to return debts, while British and French demanded Germans to pay his war indemnity at a faster pace. Generally the German economy was collapsing, while Hitler rose and got attention from the lower and certain middle class. After some political wrestlings Hitler managed to get access to the leadership of the NSDAP, and then removed all his political rivals and rose to supreme power with some bloody election and killings. Opposition leaders and intellectuals were removed, persecuted, killed or left in exile. No one dare to challenge Hitler's leadership in the mid-1930s - so therefore people would not use "evil" to describe him, instead they would use "hero".

    2) It is agreed that British (and Allied Powers, such as French) appeasement policy was an extremely unwise act. The British Prime Minister at that time, Chamberlain, was indeed a liberalist (which intended to use every method to prevent another war from breaking out, which was actually impossible they knew in their heart). British could stop the Nazis from breaking the Treaty of Versailles and remilitarising the Rhineland at first - although they were also suffering from the Economic Depression they surely had the military strength to do so, in addition to the French eagerness to stop German aggression. (France was actually looking upon British decision whether or not stop German aggression and certainly hoped that British would help them in deterring German aggression.)

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    7 年前

    1). No.

    Because at that time Hitler was the hero of Germans but an enemy of Britain.


    It was wise to do so. It provided time for Britain to recover and build up her military strength.

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