Joural !Fast!!!24 points!

Choose ONE of the following topics and write a piece of journal entry .Write only 150 - 180 words.

A)If I were (someone)for one day.....What would you do?

B)If I had magic power.......WHat would that be and how would you use it?

C)Have you got any regrets in your life ? How would you have done differently?

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  • 8 年前

    Journal entry topics be Fast20 as suggested :-

    (1)If you were bank manager for one day,I would be keeping all the lending money,which they thought have been serviced, directly into my chine bank.All bank loans mainly by accident go to the local banks. Hence I got a financial supply of money secretly.

    (2)If I had magic power,I could be invisible magician that cannot be seen. As a magician who could make myself invisible should be used it in the local street crowd for money purposes. As invisible magician I could join the banks for money. As invisible secret agent, I can work for the state government for secret services for invisible earnings. Hence invisibility really works for me invisibly.

    (3)If you got any regrets in your life,don't feel sorry about it but have been able to change the sex.You don't live to regret any more and had a wonderful life again.All about money,situations,,inconvenience, kindness, academic qualification cannot be regretted any more!You don't express your regret at the decision.good luck.


  • 8 年前

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