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why a rabbit eye is red

why a rabbit eye is red?

help !!!

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    A rabbit eye color of their fur color, black rabbit 's eyes are black, gray rabbit eyes are gray, white rabbit's eyes are transparent. Why do we see the rabbit 's eyes are red? This is because the rabbit eyes bloodshot ( capillary ) reflecting the light, transparent eyes show red.A rabbit's eyes are red, blue, brown and other colors, also some rabbit right eye color is not the same. Perhaps because rabbits are nocturnal animal, so it can gather a lot of light eyes, can see even in the dim point also . In addition, because both sides of rabbit eyes long in the face, therefore it a wide field of vision, to the things around to see clearly, some people say that the rabbit even their back to see. However, it cannot distinguish the three-dimensional things, on the right in front of them are not clear. Grey rabbit eyes are grey. The rabbit is a variety of colors, their eyes are not the same as the color of. That is because there is a called pigment. Their bodies. The grey hair and eyes of rabbit, is gray; containing melanin bunny, hair and eyes are black. The small white rabbit body does not contain pigment, its eyes are colorless, we see red is the color of blood, and not the eye color, so its eyes nature is red.

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    (1)If it's albino there is no pigment in the iris so it's a reflection of the back of the eye,the


    (2)Red eye in rabbits is common. It is when a rabbits eye appears, red, irritated and

    swollen. However, it is not just a small irritation that disappears, it is a symptom of an

    underlying cause. If you notice that your rabbit has red eye, you need to pay attention for

    other symptoms as well and contact a veterinarian.

    The symptoms related to red eye may differ since it can just be a secondary symptom of something worse. The most common symptoms that rabbits have with red eye included

    swollen and red eyes, extra tissue around the rabbit's eyes, eye and/or nose discharge,

    depression, lethargy, upper respiratory infection, crusty eyes, and hair loss around eyes.

    As mentioned, depending on what is causing the red eye, there will be varying symptoms.

    So, what does cause red eye. It can actually be hard to determine the cause of red eye since there are so many things that could cause it. Bacterial infections can cause red eye. It could also be the result of allergies, respiratory tract infection, bacterial irritants, and glaucoma. Keratitis, a fungal infection of the eye is another fairly common cause of red eye. Surprisingly, even dental problems can cause red eye.

    To find out what is causing your rabbit's red eye and properly treat it, you will need to take your pet to a veterinarian. Various tests may have to be done to get a proper diagnosis.

    The treatments for red eye also vary greatly since it depends on what caused the red eye in the first place. Your veterinarian can recommend the proper treatments available and prescribe any

    fungal infection of the eye is another fairly common cause of red eye. Surprisingly, even dental problems can cause red eye.

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    Red eye in rabbits


    Red eye in rabbits is not normal but an indication of some diseases.


    Red eye is a relatively common condition which causes swelling or irritation in the rabbit's eye or eyelid. This appearance of blood vessels in the eyeball can develop because of various systemic or body diseases. It is generally a secondary symptom to a more serious condition.

    The signs and symptoms of red eye and related conditions often depend on the underlying cause. For example, if the red eye is due to a dental disorder, there may be signs of tooth decay or dental disease in the animal. Other common signs and symptoms may include:

    Impaired vision

    Swollen eyelids

    Eye discharge

    Extra tissue around the eyes

    Nasal discharge and upper respiratory infection or cold

    Hair loss and crusting in the mucous membrane, especially around the eyes, nasal area and cheeks



    Abnormal posture

    Facial masses

    Causes of red eye:

    Because there are many causes to rabbit red eye, it is often difficult to identify the exact cause. However, some factors may include:

    Bacterial infections, including Treponema cuniculi (or rabbit syphilis), which can cause swollen eyelids

    Conjunctivitis, a common disorder causing red eye that can result from allergies, bacterial or viral irritants; sometimes occurring as a side-effect of a respiratory tract infection

    Keratitis, which is usually a fungal infection of the eye, and which can follow an injury to the eye

    Glaucoma, which if left untreated, can cause blindness

    Dental diseases, which can bring debris in the eye, causing inflammation or blocking a tear duct

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    Having said above that redness of a rabbit eye is likely to be caused by disease, it is also true that some rabbits are genetically red-eyed. But they are the least common.

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    Among rabbits, the most common rabbit eye colour is brown. Varying shades of blue and gray are less common. Red or pink eyes are a genetic mutation and the least common.

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