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Prepositional phrases

What is divide among three boys mean?

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  • 7 年前

    Prepositional phrases mean:-

    (1)among prep. is used when you are dividing or CHOOSING something, and three or MORE people or things are involved:-

    eg:- Parents divided the money up among their three children,because they have got three children.

    (2)between prep, adv

    Into the space separating two or more points, objects, people, etc:-eg:-Q comes between P and R in the English alphabet.

    eg:-I sat between Joan and Diana.

    eg:-Her job is somewhat between a secratary and a personal assistant.

    eg:-We ate a pizza between us.

    Adverb:-eg:-The house was near a park but there was a road in between.(adv)

    ------------eg:- I saw her most weekends but not very often in between.(adv)

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