. Would you _____ informing us how long the construction will take?

mean mind matter like

2. Can't they _____ the report first?

finish not finish to finish finishing

3. Could you tell us how much _____?

will it cost does it cost it does cost it will cost

4. _____ you think you could tell us how we can improve this service?

Can Will Shall Do

5. ______ we ready in time?

Didn't Weren't Don't Haven't

6. Could you tell us how long the agreement _____?

last lasted did last does last

7. It would be interesting ______ who got the contract.

know knowing to know known

8. _____ we should make a counter offer.

Surely For sure In sureness Assuring

9. One thing worries me about this. What _____ emus go out of fashion?

if that case then

10. Wouldn't you agree that we _____ a counter offer?

make made should make might make

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  • 8 年前

    1. mind

    2. finish

    3. does it cost

    4. do

    5. haven't

    6. last

    7. to know

    8. Surely

    9. if

    10. shoud make

    hope this helps:)

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