past同Perfect Participle Phrase

past participle phrases 同Perfect Participle Phrases嘅用法分別系咩?

幾時用past participle phrases,幾時用Perfect Participle Phrases?


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  • 8 年前

    The Participles:-

    There are 2 participles,Present Participle(Perfect Participle Phrases, Perfect Participle,is an error unless Present/past participles were mentioned.), and the Past Participle.

    The present participle ends in ---ing, the past participle in --ed in case of regular verbs.

    The Adjectival uses of Participles:-

    The participles have another function. They are partly verbs,they are also partly adjectives and can function as noun qualifiers.(phrases are included )

    Present Participles (used attributively):-

    (1)An exciting story

    (2)a good-looking man

    (3)disappointing news

    Present Particip[les (used predicatively):-

    (1)The story was exciting

    (2)He is very good looking.

    (3)The news was disappointing, etc.

    Past Participles (used attributively):-

    (1)The broken bottle.

    (2)a clean-shaven man

    (3)tired workers

    Past Participles(used predicatively):-

    (1)The bottles were broken

    (2)He is clean-shaven.

    (3)They are tired workers.

    But most participles are not purely adjectival,as eg:-

    "Long hair" stood there (watching) councillors at work.

    I hope Wong didn't keep you swearing.

    "Big Bob" is busy dressing the ceremony.

    His objections, if listened to, would wreck c.y.'s gov. plan.

    He will be dismissed himself if asked.