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Jin 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前


arguementative writinng




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  • 8 年前
    最愛解答 affects the student's study

    if student is dating, he/she will not care about their study anymore

    2.the lover may make love

    in the social, most of teenagers distorts the meaning of making love.

    they think that making love is general.

    and they may think that making love is excited.

    the ultimate is they may get a baby or illness.

    3.teenager is not mature enough to handle an emotional crisis

    such as:

    the one who is rejected by his/her lover may be very unhappy and

    do some silly things

    e.g.Two years ago, a 14-year-old girl jumped off a building

    and died after her boyfriend rejected her. will make you forget your friends

    There is a Chinese saying,"Once you fall in love, you forget your friends."

    Because teenagers may spend more time with their lover

    and they would not have time to stay with their friend

    it will be bad if teenagers don't have more friends

    2012-10-29 20:48:46 補充:

    由於我覺得第一同第二個pt唔夠好,所以俾多個pt 你la



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  • 8 年前

    -----ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING on sexual jealous 3 points!--------

    (1)No money:-Romantic feeling of affection for GF is sexally attracted.May sing a love song/story.We're in love. She is in love with me. We fall in love with no money!Everything causes money especially madly in love;madly shopping on expensive clothes,food,travelling,and can't afford to buy a house!

    (2)No Studying:-Can't concentrate on studies if fall in love.It's love at first sight,Being attracting to each other the first time they met S2-S6 means a delicate poppy love dating.from Poppy love to Poppy fields opium smoking!Time be devoted to her all the time,no studying time!Can't past HKDSE,,can't get a job,and can't arrive at marriage.

    (3)Fight:-Finding attractive and easy to love,they often despite any fault to get pregnant,but no money! If affection for somebody else,fond of somebody else secretly,known for a longer time(S!-S6),she is showing interest in somebody else, By jealous in feeling angry or unhappiness , you're a jealous (husband?),even her boy friend only talking to her to make you jealous.You're jealous of His success and reputation;and may have a fight etc.

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  • 8 年前

    1.no2you can' change

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  • 8 年前


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