DBA programme in HK

1.What is a DBA?

2.What is the general entry requirement?

3.Is is advisable for me to study a DBA after having certain years of managerial working experience?(e.g: Manager after MT program/ Company Secretary/ Personal Assistant of Board of Director. ) Or should I first study DBA after Master or Mphil? Or are there any possibility for a direct admission if I had the working experience but not a MAster degree? (please give me some info..)

4. Is it useful to study a DBA offered by a good UK university and one of the representatives from those Mgt Associations,the programme recognized, in the working environment in HK, and any other SPECIFIC places you know well?

5.Are you taking those courses?

6. Are there any personal sharing or example for me to undestand this program as a practical choice for one's career?


P.S: Im just a U grad and would like to know the answer.

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    (1) DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration. It is a doctoral degree for Business Administration. As you are a U grad, I am sure you must have heard of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration). BBA is a degree at undergraduate level. MBA is a degree at postgraduate level and is at a higher level than BBA. DBA is at a higher level than MBA and is much, much, much more demanding than MBA.

    (2) The entry requirement is a Master's degree plus extensive senior management experience.

    (3) Managerial experience is not enough. You must have both senior management experience and a Master's degree. Postgraduate degree programmes are not just about learning, but also for experience sharing with our classmates. Master's programmes are about the application of knowledge and experience to solve a real-life problem. Doctoral programmes are about originality. We create the problem and use whatever we can to solve it.

    (4) If you want to study well for a DBA, you must have access to a library. A good UK university with a local partner in HK is fine but will you have access to a library? There might be a so-called library corner within the office of the local partner but is this a decent library for you? So if you are working in HK, it is advisable for you to study for a DBA in HK. Currently, it is being offered by CityU, PolyU and BU.

    (5) No

    (6) I have thought of studying for a DBA but decided to drop the idea. I have a Master's degree and management experience, but not senior management experience. It is a huge investment of time and money into a DBA ($600k+ at PolyU, $500k+ at CityU, $400k+ at BU). Personally, I have to consider the return and break even. DBA learning, of course, is useful but we must expect more than learning. Most DBA students are senior managers, directors, regional directors or even CEO in their organisations. Apart from learning and experience sharing, they are also looking to build their personal network


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    The word limit is exceeded ;-)

    I have told you as much as I know. The choice is yours.

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    splendid answer. Very clear and informative. Thank you for answering! :)

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